Love Across the Street

stupid who just can't take it.

a Little Stupid Thing of Mine

beberapa orang dibawah ini dinyatakan sebagai orang-orang yang cukup berharga disamping keluargakuu.. hermina tadmalian salim, pamella, asti nur afala sahir, the H, the A, the V, sayangnya ga jadi have. :) and all of kom08 members

dicari dicarii

-CUMI yang NGEREM di KOSAN muluu -ceSAr yang banyak kesibukan !!! hehee -Pasukan tuKANg ngintip tetanGGa !!! -tUKAng maeN pRo eVOLutiOn soCCeR -anak kom yang KOMPAK & ga da matinya -senior kom yang baik hati hahahahaa^^

mayday collision

valdane wants me to do all the things i should repair on
he said that the repair isn't something that i want but comes from someone
it will be meaningless
it won't change anything on me
it will just faking all the thing around me
but deep here it will be my own shame

just as i say at the first time
there will be a big wall between
but you don't get it and force me into it
see what i mean?

for the finishing blow
i get punches, kicks, but they won't hurt me
because hurt is just me
i am hurt itself

conclusion is:
i am a dumb ass
i am hurting myself
i am forceful
and the most important thing: i will never be able to be the ash's she used to know.


Dari kemarin gue ga ada lagu lain dah..
sejak karokean denger lagu ini.. jadinya dnger lagu ini teruss..
bahkan gue sampe donlod n masukin hape demi slalu mendengarkan lagu ini.

check this out!
Lionel Richie - I call it love

I Look At You, You Look At Me
(You Can't Tell Me You Ain't Feeling Butterflies)
Its obvious, There's some Chemistry
(I think I know why it feels so right)
Girl I wanted so long to know
Now You're telling me you gotta let it go
(Don't Tell Me I have to start all over again)
I Never thought that this day would come
(This is something that i wanted in my life)
I realize that you're the one
(and you're telling me its time to say goodbye)
What's inside my heart It ain't gonna change
So it shouldn't be so easy to walk away
(You feel it, I feel it, lets not pretend)

Baby, I Don't Know What Love Is
Maybe I'm A Fool
I Just Know What I'm Feeling
And It's All Because Of You
Don't Tell Me "I Don't Know"
I Want The Truth
Cuz They Call It, We Call It
You Call It, I Call It Love

It's so clear for you to see
(don't let anybody tell you what to do)
Why they can't just let us be happy
(i don't want to find somebody new)
If you know what's real in your heart
Then don't let them tear us apart
(Coz you feel it, I feel it, Don't Say We're through)

We Have a bond that's unbreakable
And its not time to let it go
And now that we know its real
We're going to let it show
To the whole world
That I'm yours forever
and you're my girl

i call it love.

she said

i was talking to EMR
and she made me thinking
what the hell am i doing?
is following what i said giving me satisfaction?
is it really my pride?
or is it just a stupid mindset of me?

i confuse.
so let me write down a poem so i can relax a bit. Xp

title: untitled

may i ask my words to be given back to me?
i want to
or i don't?
let me know me.
don't make me look dumb in front of you.
no one wants to look like a fool
especially in front of someone special, or maybe special like you.

tell me when i love you.
because it's harder to notice than if you are.
although i can't think about that, silly.

membuat blog ini worth

selama ini gue ngisi blog tapi ga ada yang mining..
hahaaaa... jadinya kali ini gue mau isi sedikit yang agak mining.. hahahaaa^^

abis kuliah bahasa inggris hari ini (25 maret 2009),
gue ngasi hadiah ke Elizabeth Maria Rosmian AKA Bebeth, hope she like it and not sell it.
i hope she use it at next monday. =3

malam ini,
gue nemuin poto gue sama "tante" gue yang udah laaamaaa banged..
namanya qonny.. cantik.. hehee
i won't be this happy if it's my photo with someone else,
beside it's been more than a year that i haven't seen her face.
miss you so much, sis. :)

satu-satunya minus adalah si bodoh sakit. hope you get well soon silly.
hope to have a picture of you soon.

valdane for ash